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Mano, drop otimo!!! Top! Você está fazendo eu começar a ter vontade de fazer um tearout/deathstep tbm. A música é otima, só o arranjo do começo que está meio diferente. Mas a musica está excelente!

KVLLA responds:

Vlw mano! Se tu for fazer Tearout, nós faz collab. O arranjo do começo é meio estranho por causa do Lead detunado, foi proposital. Mas valeu mano!

Bro this song is fire, you made it very well, i loved the peculiar melody, effecta are nice, growls are awesome. I just thought it a bit repectitive in some parts in drop, or smth. But this is very cool!

Nice remix, but it is a bit hollow. Btw interesting.

Melody are insane, i loved the growls, and leads, very nice song.

Caramba, música top, sinceramente dar de sentir a música se encaichando com o nome, mn top!!!

KVLLA responds:


Mano q q foi isso, sinceramente incrivel demais!!!

Bro the drop was fire, and the melodies were interesting. Good build up, i see potential in your song. Good work!

vaprwv responds:

Thank you, man! It's honestly one of my least favorites from the Crystal Cave EP, but I really appreciate it <3

Nice style, drums are done well, nice deceptic chords progessions. And the megalovania instrument was cool xD lol btw good song

StarheartMusic responds:

Thanks! I started music by making undertale fan tracks, so I used that guitar to pay homage to how I started.

Dude this song is amazing, fr i see potential, good job dude, it reminded me the style of DirtyPaws and Rukkus, this song will get better if you could add some ambientation and some effects like risers, white noises, impacts. Btw good job bro i really liked it. The growls are insane

StarheartMusic responds:

Huge thanks for the review, however the growls are just samples that loop in a wacky way. This song is really old, and at the time of me making it, I had really old software that was very limited.

Yo it was not that bad, dimensional vibes, i loved the design of the bass, creative song, but it is a bit repectitive, small problem don't worry with it, but keep up with good songs!

TheCoolBounana responds:

Ayy tysm, not the first time someone told me it was repetitive, but I'll take it constructively and I'll build a melody next time :D

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